5 DIY Planter Ideas to Add Greenery to Your Home

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5 DIY Planter Ideas to Add Greenery to Your Home

Including plants in your interior design not only gives it a natural feel but also gives it freshness and energy. Creating your DIY planters can be an enjoyable and fulfilling job, irrespective of your level of experience with gardening or if you're new to indoor gardening. Not only can DIY planters be personalized and customized, but they also provide your house with a distinctive look. In this blog post, we'll look at five original DIY planter ideas to help you decorate your house with greenery.




  1. Railing Planter Stand

Make a DIY railing planter stand and turn your balcony or terrace railing into a green garden haven. This is how to make one:

Supplies Required:

  • Planks made of wood
  • L-shaped brackets
  • Drilling Screws
  • Paint or stain (not required)


  • For the planting boxes, cut the wooden planks to the appropriate length.
  • To build a sturdy base, fasten L-brackets to the bottom of the wood.
  • Make drainage holes by drilling.
  • Match the planter stand's paint or stain to your outdoor decor.
  • After filling the planter boxes with your preferred plants, hang the stand on your railing.

  1. Premium Planters Online

Building high-quality DIY planters is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their interior area. Here's an attractive yet basic idea:

Supplies Required:

  • Metal or ceramic containers
  • Gold leaf glue
  • Sheets of gold leaf
  • Clean sealant using a paintbrush


  • Attach the gold leaf adhesive to the container's base or rim.
  • Press sheets of gold leaf gently onto the adhesive.
  • Use a paintbrush to smooth out any marks or holes.
  • Let the adhesive completely dry.
  • Use a transparent sealer to keep the gold leaf safe.
  • Put your preferred succulents or flowers in the high-quality DIY planters.

  1. Handmade Planters

Make your planters using common household materials and get crafty. Here's a crazy approach to recycling used tin cans:

Supplies Required:

  • Cans of empty tin
  • Paint in acrylic
  • Paintbrushes
  • Drill with ribbon or rope
  • Plants and potting soil


  • The tin cans should be well-cleaned and dried.
  • Paint vibrant patterns or designs on the cans.
  • Make drainage holes on the cans' bottoms using a drill.
  • For extra flair, tie ribbon or string around the top of the cans.
  • Put your favorite plants and potting soil into the handmade pots.

  1. Fancy Planters

You can up your plant game using creative DIY planters constructed from unusual materials. Here's a suggestion for PVC pipes:

Supplies Required:

  • PVC pipes in different diameters
  • PVC lids
  • Apply aerosol paint.
  • Plants and potting soil


  • To produce different heights, cut the PVC pipes into different lengths.
  • Attach PVC caps to the bottom of each pipe to build a base.
  • The PVC pipes can be sprayed painted with metallic or bright colors.
  • Plants and potting soil should be added to the decorative planters.
  • Group the pipes together to create a modern and unique display .




  1. Large Planters for Living Room

Big DIY planters can be a bold highlight for people with huge living rooms. Here's a basic concept made with wooden crates:

Supplies Required:

  • wooden crates
  • Paint or stain wood
  • Drill large plants and soil for planting


  • Choose a color to paint the wooden boxes.
  • Make drainage holes in the crates' bottoms.
  • Potting soil and large indoor plants, such as palm trees or fiddle leaf figs, should be placed inside the crates.
  • Make a botanical center point in your living area by arranging the enormous planters.

In summary

Making your DIY planters lets you express your creativity and gives your interior design a personalized touch. Your interior greenery game will improve using large living room planters, luxury planters, handcrafted items, elaborate designs, or railing planter stands. Take up these projects now to bring the beauty of nature to your house.

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